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  Dear Brigid,

I would like to thank you for everything you have done for us, with regards to buying our new condo and selling our old house. Your service in that matter was excellent.
You and your team have done an incredible job. On our list of real estate agents, you are NO. 1 !!!
My husband and I would have been honoured to recommend you to anyone who is considering of selling or buying a house. We felt and still feel that we could count on you and your team in any matter. Your professional service of doing business, made it a pleasure!
Thank you again, and please feel welcome in our new home, anytime - you will be a special guest.
Wishing you luck and prosperity.



  This is a testimony that my wife and I are fully satisfied with the services of BRIGID CHAN as our agent in selling our old house and buying a new house for us. We had interviewed 3 agents, we picked Brigid because she has very professional house know ledges.
She is very helpful and go to a great extent to satisfy our needs. She is also very reliable and has great expertise in what she does. What we like most is that she's very professional in dealing with people and in handling our concerns.
We can say that if any of our friends or we need her services in the future, we will not hesitate to call and highly recommend her again!!!

Sincerely yours,
ARMAN & RHODORA ALFONSO (past clients)

  Dear Brigid,

It is with great pleasure we write this letter to thank you for the wonderful professional service we received from you and RE/MAX Performance Realty Inc.. From our initial meeting to the moment of finial closing of our home sale, my wife and I knew we had chosen the right realtor to represent us and would strongly recommend you to our friends.

Before the first time when we met, we were the same as many others who wanted to sell their houses but had no ideas on which they should choose as their agent to protect their interests. We had read and searched a lot of information from the Internet to the local newspapers, including Mississauga News, Real Estate section. We ended up with confusion as so many ‘Big Name’ agents available in the market.

Our family was going to move to Calgary. We assumed that we could not reach a deal prior to our move. We preferred to have someone with a great deal of experience and reliability. When we met the first time, you came into us with a lot of local market information and professional advices. Your candid approach and experience presented had gained our commitment to your company. Things that happened through out the whole process of our home sale had proved we had made the right choice. Your enthusiasm and efficiency impressed us. Your caring of our interest had provided us the confidence. You promptly informed us the house buyer’s feedback, addressed with the issues and suggested the solutions. We never felt been pushed to make a decision. Those meetings with you in Mississauga’s snowy days can never be forgotten.

After our family moved in Calgary, we still remained the confidence in our home sale as you and your team followed us with the most recent information. Our house was successfully sold on time. We are very happy with the result and understand that you and your team had made great contribution to our satisfaction.

You and your team member, Anita, are excellent representatives of RE/MAX Performance Realty Inc.. Once again, thank you for your excellent service.

Kindest regards,
Chris Ye and Wendy Li
In Calgary